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What You'll Learn

Discover hidden secrets of using food as medicine (including herbs & teas) – and experience a liberating & empowering feeling of re-capturing your vibrant life. You're 8 Weeks To Wellness program is 'Multifaceted Educational & Experiential' with benefits that will last a lifetime.

Learn cutting-edge holistic information that is unique and impactful for your best life now.

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This 8-week in-depth educational and experiential course will change your life for the best. This course is also named “Diabetes Gone Naturally”. Countless people have been able to put down their pharmacy medications and keep their numbers in the normal range after completing this course.

People with MS and other degenerative illnesses also were able to have relief from symptoms and live a normal and vibrant life after taking this 8-week course and so we re named it 8-weeks to wellness.

What is the goal? In 8 weeks we can change the blood and bring the body into a place of homeostasis.

This course is a combination of nutritional, physiological, mental, physical, and total transformational in nature.