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What The Pros are Saying

What The Pros are Saying

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The Growth Hormone Effect

Realize more Growth Hormone than you have ever experienced from exercise

  • Exercise with B3 Bands creates a fast and deep fatigue or exercise burn

  • This burn is a metabolic disturbance in the muscle due to reduced O2 and Lactic Acid buildup

  • This is the key to getting post-exercise Growth Hormone Surge

  • Deeper fatigue and burn from

  • B3 Bands equals more Growth Hormone released

  • More Growth Hormone equals Faster and Bigger Results


Weight Loss has never been this Easy

How to Lose Weight Fast

and Permanently with 'After Burn'

  • Learn this Secret Harvard Medical wants you to Know

  • With B3 BFR Bands, you can access 'After Burn' in less than 20 minutes a day

  • You will never have to go to the Gym or do High Intensity Exercise once you start using BFR

  • With B3 BFR Bands, Weight Loss happens Fast and Fat is Shredded

  • Guaranteed to Lose Weight Fast in 30 Days or Your Money Back

  • Optional $0 Down / 0% Interest 6 Payment Program via PayPal

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The Only Multiple Air Chamber Bands

Only B3 Bands have Multiple Air Chambers (Patented)

  • B3 Bands do not create a Tourniquet Effect

  • B3 Bands do not require a Doppler to measure Blood Flow

  • #1 Bands for Safety

  • #1 Bands for Comfort

  • #1 Bands for Ease-of-use

  • Preferred Bands of USA Olympic Teams


Take a 30 - Day Test Drive

Guaranteed Results or your Money Back

  • $290 of Free Gear and Free BFR Coaching

  • Our B3 BFR Bands come with a 30 Day Program & your Personal BFR Coach to assist you at anytime

  • Free Set of Exercising Tubing so you can Workout Anywhere

  • B3 BFR Bands come with No Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • B BFR Bands come with 12 Month No Hassle Warranty

  • Optional $0 Down / 0% Interest 6 Payment Program via PayPal site.


Backed by Science

Your Body and Health changes Fast with HGH

  • With B3 BFR Bands Growth Hormone (HGH) Surges

  • Most people have never experienced a HGH Surge from their Exercise until they use B3 BFR Bands

  • Normal Exercise cannot do this for 99% of People

  • Build Strength & Muscle Fast with B