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Sheila Z Here!

There are affiliate connections; you can now buy direct from companies that will empower & enhance a healthier fulfilled lifestyle.


It's time we buy direct! So take a look at our affiliates!

Sheila Z PhD

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Using award winning and patented technology, it achieves positive therapeutic outcomes for a variety of conditions, at a fraction of the cost and effort required from other types of treatment.Just a few minutes of this cutting edge Sauna can change your life for the better.

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Less EMF for YOU!

VOLLARA – is committed to providing a life of healthy living, financial independence and the freedom to live life on your terms. You’ll get the tools, training and experience-based knowledge to help you build a successful business, and our mentors within Vollara will help guide you and provide you with additional support to grow your business.

Our manufacturing facility in Bristol, VA is proudly registered with the EPA (#87327-VA-1)

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Ward off EMF with Shungite

Live Healthy in a Toxic World

The Super Patch Company
The Super Patch Company

No medicine, no ingredients, new Neuro  communication for pain, inflammation, sports and wellbeing.

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Protandim the NRF 2 Synergizer - Life enhancimg!


Nutrigenomics is the art and science of using synergistic blends of nutrients that can influence the activity of targeted pathways and processes within your body.

VNI IS the only company in the world having a patented Pending for Restoring the Hemoglobin in the Red Blood Cell.


Our products are formulated to help you lose weight, gain energy, improve metabolism, detox and digest, and even improve immunity. This allows you to feel healthier, stronger, and more energized and inspired. And for those who are inspired to make lives better for others, if you become a Partner, VNI offers an opportunity to improve your financial health as well.

The truly SAFE way to reverse the aging process and be able to get into great shape when ever and where ever you choose. Increase  your own HGH, release your NO for great health!!

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