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Live Blood Analysis

In our journey to great Health & Wellness, we realize our cells are at the foundation. Wellness Information & Education is the key to opening this door. Healthy Cell Solutions is about Blood Microscopy,(Light Field). That means we can take one drop of blood and while it is still alive, we put it under a micron microscope. It is amazing what you can learn and see. It is good to know you can improve your cellular strength and health naturally when you have the information to go forward. To see if you may have bacteria in your blood, or parasites. Are you digesting foods and protein in a way that is helping you to feel great or maybe feeling not so great.

How is your immune system working? and then there is the question… Are your platelets starting to aggregate? This simply means are you starting to form clots?  Is you body producing uric acid?  Do you have excess sugar or are you digesting carbohydrates? Do you need more folate or vitamin B12?  How would you Know?

This is what google says:

Nutritional Microscopy is an evaluation routinely used by holistic medical, osteopathic, chiropractic and naturopathic physicians, as well as other health care professionals around the world, providing an insightful view of your internal environment, referred to as your “biological terrain”.


In my personal opinion there are dozens of benefits to knowing what your live blood looks like and to know what is going on inside your blood stream.
I know for me when I had lots of bacteria and yeast in my live blood I was able to take a specific digestive enzyme and after a time of taking it,  I felt so much better and a recheck of my blood showed a dramatically reduced amount of bacteria and yeast in my live blood. In one of my screenings I saw lots of what is called “target cells” this means my blood may not be transporting as much oxygen to the cells of my body due to lack of B12 or folate. If left untreated this can cause fatigue and anemia.

When it is seen you can supplement and avoid becoming anemic.

For me this has been a very valuable tool for keeping me informed and giving me information about my health. I can choose a natural way to stay healthy. Education is key in any area. And being knowledgeable about the health of your blood, your life force is no different.

Live Blood Analysis can show:
The condition of red blood cells * Bacteria, parasites, Candida /yeast /fungi *  Folic acid, B12 and Iron deficiencies * Free radical damage * Undigested Proteins and fats * Uric acid crystals * Risk of Gout * Poor circulation * Oxygenation  levels * Evidence of Hormonal Imbalances * Plaque and Cell or platelet aggregation (starting of clots)

In the photos below you can see the sample on the left, the plasma is milky and full of spickules and ghost cells. On the right this is the same person just a few hours later after taking specific enzymes that is built to clear up this challenge….

A benefit would be that this person was not feeling very well when they first came to see me. As you can see with the challenge being mostly cleared up, they felt much better…


Scientist Using Microscope


Thank you! Thank you for a most intriguing and fascinating day. I'm still trying to digest and process everything and I'm sure I will have questions as it's impossible to remember everything. But I'm so thirsty for the knowledge and so fascinated to actually see my own life force with my very own eyes!

I think everyone should experience this. Maybe they would take better care of themselves when they see how hard our little cells work.

It's a blessing I met you and had a opportunity to witness your amazing work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for your compassion.



Lawrence H. De La Cruz M.A.

When I visited ms. Stirling I was very ill from several infections.
I was fortunate enough to receive an Analysis from Ms. Stirling.

I was informed of some anomalies in my blood that Ms. Stirling explained in depth and the consequences of a failure to treat the disorders that she observed.

I was at a point where I could only start with a few of her suggestions. Which I did faithfully and started to notice relief of some of my symptoms. As time went on I was able to start nutritional supplements suggested by M. Stirling.

The results are very positive and I am feeling better. My digestive tract seems to be healing and I am feeling better as time goes on and I use the supplements that she suggested.
I am feeling better and more positive. I am so grateful for her assistance and recommend her services to anyone who has tried western medicine and still felt unaided.


Vicki K (joyoligist)

I had been sick on and off since January.  After months of the symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with a sinus infection. After rounds and rounds of antibiotics, steroids ( too many to count) and multiply trips to doctors offices and ERs. My energy level was down and I felt terrible because of the medications and I still had the infection. At the end of October, I was finally in town long enough to make an appt. with Sheila to have a blood analysis done. We discovered my white blood cells were quite sluggish along with a few other things going on. She set me up with a few fabulous supplements to rectify the situation. After 2 days of being on the supplements, my energy levels increased and I was able to go back to my regular exercise program. My sinus infections symptoms decreased. For the first time in months, I felt like myself. Thank you Sheila. I recommend everyone see Sheila and to have their blood analyzed.
She definitely was the answer to my prayers! 

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