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Live Blood Nutritional Analysis Certification Course

This is a 4 week course

What you will learn:

  • Welcome and overview

  • The History of live blood Microscopy

  • Fundamentals of Microscopy

  • Nutrition & Microscopy

  • Conditions & What To Look For

  • Ethics, Procedures & Going Forward

  • Video Training & Misc. Data

  • Information On Microscope

  • Final Exam

  • Hard copy of your your certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course


Who is this course for:

  • Anyone who wants to be more informed on their health while having the ability to help friends & family.

  • Those interested in taking a deep dive into how nutrition effects the blood cells

  • Anyone in the medical or alternative medicine industry

  • Wellness practitioners

Materials Required:

  • Computer or Smart Phone

  • Internet Access


Benefits of the Course:

  • Learn how nutrition has an effect on the quality of your blood & the quality of your well being

  • Gaining a skill set and knowledge to expand your current business on live blood microscopy

  • Expand your knowledge to help family and friends


Materials Provided to you:

  • All necessary materials are provided

  • Downloadable Chapters sent to you via email 2-3 times a week.

  • 30 Min. of Lab videos and more

  • A Provided link to access a library of live blood videos with tutorials

  • Final Exam at the conclusion of the course

  • Hard copy of your your certificate of completion upon successful completion of the


Course Description:

Welcome: “Live Blood Microscopy”?

In most other countries Blood Microscopy “Live Blood Analysis” is considered a diagnostic. In western medicine we call it “Live Nutritional Analysis” because in the United States the emphasis is Not on prevention. Still Knowledge and education are the keys to opening the door to optimal health and wellness.


What if I were to tell you that your blood is always in a constant state of change and what we do, what we eat and what we think really does have a huge impact on the health and wellness of our blood and so our body, mind and spirit. I do really love diagnostics.

Our blood is our life force, It has the amazing capacity to share important information with us on how we are doing on a moment to moment basis. So lets dive right in and discover some of the pit falls of not knowing and some of the ways to insure you have and know how to spot “happy blood”!

Microscopy: In one drop of blood you can actually see if your cells are beginning to stick together, you can see if you are digesting proteins and sugars. You can see if you have fungus or yeast in your blood and bacteria. You can see if your immune system is working, your digestive system and the list goes on and on.

If your blood has a few of these situations happening not to worry, first of all it’s not all your fault. In some cases more than others but in today's world if you are breathing the air, drinking the water and even if you are eating all organic it is amazing at what ends up swimming around in your blood stream.

Sheila Z Stirling.png

Sheila Z Stirling has a Phd. in Natural Health & philosophy. She is also a Certified Lymphologist, Certified live blood microscopist and more certificates and healing modalities than she can list here. If it had to do with the body, mind or spirit, Sheila Z wanted to know all aspects of it. She has been in the holistic wellness industry for almost 30 years. That sounds like a long time and she has loved every moment.

Her studies have taken her down many roads and she confesses it was all about saving herself way back when. At a young age Sheila Z was interested in medicine as her family was highly prone to diabetes and heart disease. In fact both her grandparents died from diabetes before she had an opportunity to know them or even meet them. And her dad died from Lymphoma, & Leukemia in 1981 and about 6 month later a blood test would show that Sheila Z herself had Lymphoma as well. She knew in her heart that just wasn’t true and realized that she indeed was an empath and that is a whole other story. Sheila Z quickly went to work discovering and learning ways to protect herself and also began her research on food as medicine. Actually that research started long before that time as she was able to help her mom get off of her daily insulin shots for her diabetes when she was 30 years young.

After about 3 months of Sheila Z's diagnosis, a blood test would show she no longer had Lymphoma and the doctors said it must have been a misdiagnosis. She was happy to smile and go along

with what ever they said, she had a clean bill of health and so grateful for it. Since that time there have been many challenges that pushed her to go deeper and deeper into the inner workings of our amazing bodies and just how to transform a challenge into an opportunity. As Sheila Z Says, "The Body Wants To Be Well".

Live Blood Nutritional Analysis Certification Course

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