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As we move into greater awareness with tried and true products that are made just for you. Our products help protect your health & wellness.


  • We believe that all things are possible.

  • We believe that now is the time for positive change.

  • We believe that now is the time to regain or maintain your perfect health.


Our Mission
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Protecting your health and wellness is now center stage at True Life Solutions Marketplace where we use the highest quality products with proven results.


All our products are proudly made in the USA, with the exception of the exercise bands.

Our Products


By helping others to live a happier and fulfilled life, my life’s purpose is fulfilled.

My specialty is helping people to attain that ah ha moment when knowledge becomes wisdom and what was hidden is suddenly understood. Everything in your life shifts for the better.

Life brings us to a full spectrum of feelings and emotions. My expertise is in emotional clarity and helping to synchronize the conscious and sub conscious bringing what some call duality to the true and amazing being that you are. That is one of the keys that opens all the doors for your greatest life now.

I am a catalyst for your total wellness, body, mind and spirit specializing in the following services.

  • Certified Live Blood Nutritional Microscopist

  • Diabetic Specialist

  • Functional Nutritionist                                   

  • Frequency & Sound Healing Specialist

  • Key Note Speaker                                            

  • Light Therapist

  • Reiki Master


We  offer retreats and educational programs

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About The Author
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