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You might be working at home or enjoying a movie on your lap top at night.
What if you could do this WITHOUT allowing the harmful waves and frequencies to penetrate into your body. What if you could be Pro-Tec-Ted!

Now you can be with this unique new innovation.
Notice how our friend here is sitting with his Lap Top resting directly on a precious part of his body. How many times have you laid in bed watching a movie or working or playing games and your Lap Top is laying on your chest? I know I do it almost every night!. Now I know I am pro-tec-ted from the harmful frequencies. Finally a safe way to enjoy my Lap Top.

Our Products are created with a triple layer construction. Between the material is is an amazing cutting edge material that blocks the harmful radiation that is given off by our Cell Phones, our I Pads and our Lap Tops.


This amazing material is:

High Performance RF Shielding and Non-Corroding EMF blocking fabric
Even better shielding effectiveness than Pure Copper Polyester Taffeta (below), and vastly superior tarnish and corrosion resistance due to Nickel plating. Polyester ripstop base fabric for toughness and light weight. Only 0.08mm thick. Surface Resistance: 0.01-0.03

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