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Updated: Aug 4, 2023


Have you ever felt a swoosh around you? Have you ever been comforted in the deep darkness, you feel like you are not really alone. So, do you think it may have been an angel holding your heart and your hand in a moment of need? Or has there been a time when you have been so elated that you are almost lifted from this earth place. You feel the bliss upon you and in those moments of rapture the tears of joy may fall.

How I am grateful for the presence of angels in my life. How about you? So do you believe in angels? Because there are angels, they are always present and every one is always held by angels. Most of the time people do not believe what they cannot see. There have been stories throughout most cultures of angels coming and guiding someone to safety at some point in your life you will encounter something wondrous and beautiful, something you can not explain. We are all divine reflections, each and every one of us. We all have a direct connection to angels; we only need to be open to accepting their existence. Perhaps we are all given the opportunity to be on the angel brigade; perhaps it is our real state of being.

Years ago after a devastating accident I was lost in some very detached and dark dimensions, struggling to find my way back to myself, hanging on moment to moment and one evening as I surrendered to what ever would be in the next few moments I was completely present and in that state of being the angels came to me and wrapped there wings around me. They cradled me as I wept out all that was keeping me from these soaring realms. In that moment of no more moments I found eternity. I know with every fiber of my being that we are all surrounded by angels and we can soar with them.

The music that channeled through me came from that divine realm. Would you like to soar? See how you feel after one minute.? Here is what you can do if you so choose to try this.

First, find a quiet place, even sitting at your desk is fine. Take a couple od deep and cleansing breaths ,relax and think of the most beautiful and peaceful place you have ever been or perhaps a place you are yet to travel to. Breathe in and feel the golden energy of healing and peace. Just be with no expectations. Click the play button below, close your eyes and give yourself this one minute blissful gift. Just allow yourself to be taken into the arms of the angels. Just be.

With love and Blessings

Sheila Z Stirling PhD

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