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How Vitamin D & K Effect Your HEART HEALTH & More

Updated: May 18, 2022

There are many facets, thousands of pieces of the wellness puzzle, bits of information that can keep you looking and feeling young and beautiful. Of course we cannot tackle them all in this one article. So today I would like to focus on one line of thought and information. “How Vitamin D & K effect your heart health and more”.

Over the past decades there has been an explosion of research revealing the many beneficial roles vitamin D plays in keeping you healthy. (D3)

But there's a new kid on the block that could end up being "the next vitamin D," and we are finding that some of vitamin D's benefits are greatly enhanced when combined with this other vitamin.

According to recent findings, the benefits of vitamin D, in terms of bone strength and cardiovascular health, are greatly enhanced when combined with vitamin K2. Vitamin D improves your bone health by helping you absorb calcium. However, it is vitamin K2 that directs calcium to your skeleton, to prevent it from being deposited in the wrong areas.

Vitamin K2 activates a protein hormone produced by osteoblasts, which is needed to bind calcium into the matrix of your bone. K2 also appears to help prevent calcium from depositing into your arteries.

Also, taking calcium in isolation without complimentary nutrients like magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K (K2) can have adverse effects, including the buildup of plaque in coronary arteries and heart attacks. Calcium intake can be balanced out with vitamins D and K, and other minerals crucial to your bone health.

You can find Vitamin K in deep leafy greens like “kale” Vitamin K helps to coagulate the blood so please steer clear for about 3 months after any surgery. Vitamin K2 can be found in, grass fed chicken eggs, and grass fed organically read chicken legs and fermented foods.

These simple facts can keep your heart happy and keep you “youthing” Our bodies are miraculous and gaining the correct information is crucial. Lets all stay “30 until we are 90” in great health.

Oh! and please note that vitamin D3 is actually a hormone and not really a vitamin at all!

Sincerely and With Your Best Health in Mind...

Sheila Z Stirling PhD

Your Wellness Whisperer


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