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Spirit of Yosemite
  • Spirit of Yosemite

    This makes a wonderful gift, for your self and others. Journey with me into the wilds of Yosemite. For over 20 years now I have been camping, hiking, climbing, swimming and being in this sacred and magical valley. Now you can experience some of the hidden places, the best swimming holes, the wildlife and the changing of the seasons, all in full color majesty.


    This valley is a vortex.
    A place where all creatures come to renew and live out the mystery and mastery
    of all the cycles of this great planet.
    A place where spirit and earth come together.
    Yosemite is a great teacher and a great inspiration.
    This valley reminds us to walk in gratitude for every precious moment
    of this banquet we call life.

    This ancient valley touched my heart and soul,
    and then my children’s heart and soul and soon my grand children
    will know the splendor and the magnificent secrets of life unfolding in this sacred
    Yosemite Valley.
    Sheila Z Stirling PhD

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