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Swimming in Wild Rivers

Swimming in Wild Rivers

Setting yourself free with nature

In this 16 colorful page report you will learn all about wild river swimming and how to get close to nature. Close enough that your entire being is nurtured.
Learn what an eddie is, how to deal with high altitude, what to look for and study before entering a wild river. When it is safe and when it is not.  This is a must have guide full of information and how you can enjoy mature in a safe and healthy manor.

The Eight Tips

1 - Always observe the flow of the river before entering.

2 - Always observe your surroundings, rocks, heavy brush, wildlife.

3 - Always observe weather patterns before entering a river.

4 - Always know where the eddies are.

5 - Always know about what altitude you are at.

6 - Always have a back up plan.

7 - Always know your limits.

8 - Never drink the water you are swimming in.

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