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Stepping Into Your Evolution

Are we ready for what comes next?

Stepping Into Your Evolution

Here we are, perched on the edge of universal truth. Each and every one of us signed up to be here at this time. We chose the E ticket, you know the one with incredible highs and unthinkable lows. We have been riding the wave of evolution; our whole being awakened and re awakened ever moving towards the oneness of universal truth.

We have been healing and healing and healing. Going through the many doors of consciousness. We have been hooked up, hooked in, spun around, shaken up and shaken down and pulled and expanded all around. We have cried out loud and suffered in silence. We have pushed the very walls of opening dimensions, sought out other realms and galaxies far, far away.

We have become courageous in our body, mind, and spirit. We are the ones that will carry this humanity through and beyond what is now occurring.

(Take a look around for these are the kindred souls we weave the future with, together, in harmony)

Are we really ready for what comes next?

Are we ready to not only explore and communicate with realms that are beyond our physical plane but also be willing to go within our own physical form and communicate with all 100 trillion cells that reside within?

Are we ready to discover lost opportunities, Pockets of Possibilities that were covered up and hidden long ago?

Are we ready and willing to once again to reach beyond the human condition and step across the threshold of the illusion and step into the realm of actuality?

The place where we communicate directly with the universal flow, directly with source.

Have we been peaking behind the veil enough to know the illusion is just that and our higher sense is the voice of our fully present self, our fulfilled potential, and our divine presence?

So what exactly do we have to do to step into our evolution?

Perhaps by asking the question you are all ready there. Your willingness to go beyond the beyond. You ability and courage to use the tools that enable you to embrace what was and release it, to become what will be.

Certain tones and frequencies will activate strands of DNA that have been waiting for this moment.

We know to communicate with all 100 trillion cells we must travel beyond time and space, what physicists call “hyper space” or “non local.”

In this place you may see and know the blessing in every event. In this place you may be able to feel as the elements feel and you know with certainty that you are being divinely guided. You know that you play a vital role in this evolutionary leap. Like the many pieces of a puzzle being carefully placed one piece after another, then you place that one piece that causes the picture to become clear. We call this the defining piece and it lies within you.

Take a breath, step over that threshold and become your highest vision.

with Love and Blessings

Sheila Z Stirling


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